Growing Jobs

Representative Claeys voted against every tax increase on Kansas families and small businesses proposed in the Kansas Legislature. J.R. cuts red tape and carried legislation to streamline the business formation process in Kansas.

Defending Life

Representative Claeys voted to end taxpayer funding of abortions and voted to defund Planned Parenthood. A fierce defender of innocent life, J.R. is endorsed by Kansans for Life.

Protecting Rights

Representative Claeys fights for your right to protect yourself and your family. A+ rated and endorsed by the NRA and the Kansas State Rifle Association, J.R. expanded Second Amendment rights in Kansas with conceal carry and Constitutional carry.

Keeping Kansas Safe

Representative Claeys instituted a recruitment and retention plan for the Kansas Highway Patrol to address a severe trooper shortage in Kansas. The KHP Training Academy has gone from canceling classes with zero applicants to the largest classes in KHP history.

Reforming Welfare

Representative Claeys brought welfare-to-work to Kansas and protected taxpayer dollars by legislating restrictions on welfare spending. No longer are your dollars being spent at liquor stores or strip clubs. The plan J.R. crafted with colleagues is the template for federal welfare reform.